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Towards a European Internal Security Order? Exploring the redefinition of functional and geographical borders in EU security cooperation

Kierownictwo projektu:

  • Dr. Raphael Bossong,

Instytucja finansująca:

Brandenburg Ministry of Sciences, Research and Cultural Affairs (Seed Money)

Czas trwania projektu:

April 2014 – März 2015

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Opis projektu:

Over the last fifteen years, EU internal security – which includes border security, police, customs and criminal justice cooperation, among other issues – is one of the most dynamic fields of integration.

This can be explained by the nature of EU policy-making, which allows for intensive transgovernmental interactions between security actors, as well as by the perceived salience of the threat of terrorism and "illegal" migration. Thus, the traditional rationale of European integration, i.e. peace, has increasingly been replaced by the objective to ensure transnational order and policing.

Empirically, the project analyses the"post-Stockholm" phase of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice, which purports to provide more operational security instruments as well as improved fundamental rights safeguards and political participation mechanisms.

Theoretically, the project focuses on the dissolution as well as redefinition of physical, technological, cultural and political borders, which constitute as well as limit the emerging European internal security order.

The project aims to form a new transdisciplinary research group in Germany and will prepare larger research activities on this dynamic issue area.

Workshop "Shifting Borders of EU Internal Security" on September 18-19, 2014
Workshop program HERE

Workshop "Justifying the European Border Regime and holding it to account: Ideational versus Material Dimensions?" on March 27, 2015
Workshop program HERE

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