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AGREU 2020 - Agricultural Law Reform of the European Union 2020. The future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in the legal regulation structures of the European Union

Kierownictwo projektu:

  • Prof. Dr. Ines Härtel,

Instytucja finansująca:

Brandenburg Ministry of Sciences, Research and Cultural Affairs (Seed Money)

Czas trwania projektu:

Januar – Dezember 2016

Opis projektu:

The Common Agricultural Policy of the EU is characterized by the essential connection of political decision structures (Agricultural Policy) and the legal regulation system (Agricultural Law). It belongs, as one of the first and oldest mutualized areas, to the core of the European Union and is an existential part of European identity. Throughout a longer period of time, the CAP has been able to carry out a successful EU-sectoral crisis management concerning time-related problems by establishing a process-political and legally systematic infrastructure, which consequently supported and supports a deepened European integration (functional integration by law). However, as a result, a legal regulation system emerged that is highly complex and partly meticulous. It is under constant internal reform pressure (Legal Evolution). This reform pressure is increased by the implementation of transagricultural references of further environmental issues, common goods, ethical requirements, value change and social demands. The transagricultural references were partly included and determined legally in the last CAP-reform 2013 (e.g. Greening). Regarding the forthcoming huge CAP-reform 2020, its further enforcement is called for, and, at the same time, a revision of the highly complex legal issue regarding a well-systemized law and smart regulation (simplification, transparency, coherence, fair agrarian distribution system) by reference to a “knowledge-based agriculture”. The project AGREU 2020 links systematically to this development. Universities and research facilities are included into the project as international experts. These facilities show special knowledge in the European Agricultural Sector (Legal comparison). Research regarding the CAP-reform 2020 focuses on the examination of the CAP-reform 2013 by gaining transnational, legal disciplinary and interdisciplinary insights and by exploring problems and solutions. The explorative investigations of reform necessities concerning agricultural law includes transagrarian demands.

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