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Özlem Savaş: "Affective Culture of New Migration from Turkey", Research Factory B/ORDERS IN MOTION

15.12.2021 16:15

15.12.2021 17:45

Online via Zoom

Dr. Özlem Savaş (Bard College, Berlin)


Affective Culture of New Migration from Turkey

Facing the escalating political oppression and turmoil, a growing number of people—mostly academics, artists, journalists, and students—have left Turkey and settled around the globe, especially in Berlin, Germany. Underpinned by a three year ethnographic research, this talk addresses the recent migration from Turkey through its collective, public, and political feelings that are mediated, circulated, and archived across digital media spaces, artistic projects, and public events. It focuses on an affective cultural sphere that has been created through emotional practices of telling, performing, remembering, and reinterpreting the lived and felt experiences of political oppression, migrating and relocating. It will be further discussed how the affective culture of new migration from Turkey can open up possibilities for imagining and creating affinities, collaborations, and collectivities along with grounds of hope, both within and beyond the particular migration experience from which it arises.


Moderation: Prof. Dr. Kira Kosnick (Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION)

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