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Sozioökonomische Rechte für ukrainische Geflüchtete – Workshop zur Umsetzung der Massenzustrom-Richtlinie in Deutschland und in Polen

05.07.2023 09:30

05.07.2023 16:00


Socioeconomic Rights for Ukrainian Refugees - Workshop on the Implementation of the Temporary Protection Directive in Poland
and Germany

Due to the refugee movements caused by the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the TemporaryProtection Directive 2001/55/EC was activated for the first time on 3 March 2022. The Directive provides for minimum standards in the event of a mass influx, granting temporary
protection to displaced persons from third countries who cannot return to their country of origin. The granting of temporary protection status is also linked to the guarantee of socioeconomic rights, e.g. to adequate accommodation, necessary medical care or the securing of
subsistence through social benefits.
A year after its activation, academics and practitioners discussed about how the Directive is implemented in Poland and Germany today.

Organized by: Chair of Public Law and European Social Law (Prof. Dr. Maria Hofmann) in Cooperation with the Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION and the Frankfurt Institute for the Law of the European Union

The workshop was held in German, Polish and English.