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Tusia Dabrowska - "Zones of Exclusion" (Documentary) - Research Factory B/ORDERS IN MOTION

18.01.2023 16:15

18.01.2023 17:45

Hybrid: European University Viadina, HG 109 (Senatssaal) & Online via ZOOM

Speaker: Tusia Dabrowska

Moderation: Luís Hernandez Aguilar (European University Viadrina)


Grounded in scene selections from my experimental documentary in progress, this lecture/discussion reflects on the forested landscape as a site of polyphonic collaborations, a site that resists the colonial inclinations of a state, a site that is always in motion. I look at the experience of Jewish refugees who hid in the forests of Eastern Europe (with focus on the lands that once formed the Pale of Settlement) and the current refugee crisis on the Polish Belarusian border. In this project, I use historical and ethnographic research, folk tales, family stories and an environmental approach, and seek modes of navigation through forests and histories to face myself.


TUSIA DABROWSKA is a Jewish Polish American artist who works at the intersection of storytelling, performance and media. Her collaborations have been seen in the US and internationally, including at AlphaNova (Berlin), EdgeCut (NYC), Soft Surplus (NYC), Circle1 (Berlin), mhProject (NYC), BRIC (NYC), The Gibney Dance Theater (NYC), Museum of Art and Design (NYC), Frequency Fridays at the Fuse Factory (Columbus, OH), Open Source Gallery (NYC), The PrintScreen Festival (Tel Aviv), and TAFNY (NYC). She is the co-founder of Temp. Files, a video publishing cooperative, online publication, streaming site, and remote residency. Her time-based work has been supported by the Puffin Foundation and Asylum Arts. Tusia was the artist in residence at Signal Culture (2017), BRICWorkspace (2017-2018), KonventZero (2019), mhProject Space (2019 and 2020), and BRIClab (video art) (2022-2023). She holds degrees from the New School, Trinity College Dublin, and NYU. She teaches courses in media production and video editing at NYU and CUNY.