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Ausstellung „By my Side. Belfast - Mostar - Nicosia – Berlin“ von Atelier Limo, Research Factory B/ORDERS IN MOTION

05.05.2022 16:00

30.06.2022 18:00

1st floor of the Gräfin Dönhoff Building, Europaplatz 1

BMS photo 5 ©Atelier LimoAL_Mostar_01_1682x554 ©Atelier Limo_DSC0065 ©Atelier Limo


By my Side - Belfast - Mostar - Nicosia – Berlin

von Atelier limo

Borders can be seen as spatial constructions creating distance in proximity. Still living side by side, people are often physically and mentally separated from each other by these borders. As they are formed in the course of history, they function as its tangible or imaginary traces in the present. The exhibition “BY MY SIDE” investigates the ways borders influence the daily lives of people in Nicosia, Mostar, Berlin and Belfast.

Former front lines, invisible borders, concrete walls, boundary stones, soldiers, checkpoints, buffer zones...

How does a city look like when the continuity of its urban space is disrupted? The photographs explore small portions of these cities and unveil diverse forms in which the lines that once separated or still separate people are manifested in these “urban microcosms”. Portraits and interviews show people dealing with the marks of history, the complexity of geopolitical contexts, their need to define themselves and the wish for reconciliation.


The exhibition will be presented until the end of June 2022 in the gallery on the 1st floor of the Gräfin Dönhoff Building, Europaplatz 1.


atelier limo

Simon Brunel, Nicolas Pannetier

Atelier Limo was founded by Nicolas Pannetier and Simon Brunel, two trained architects who have also studied Visual Anthropology in Frankfurt (Oder).

Limo means border in Esperanto. Borders are a common thread running through the work of the artist duo, from the survey of 237 border posts along the former Schengen border in 2006 before they were shut down, to the documentary “The return of borders” (Le retour des frontières), co-produced with ARTE in 2018.

Europe, memory, identity and environment are among the other recurring themes in their work, which includes web projects, documentary theatre, exhibitions, installations, workshops and events such as the projects “The detour”, involving Finland, Russia and Estonia, or “J’aime ma lagune” in the town of Abidjan in Ivory Coast.