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Public International & Interdisciplinary Workshop: “Landscape & Largesse”, Research Factory Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION

09.06.2022 09:00

10.06.2022 18:00

Hybrid, on-site (room HG 109) and online

Public International & Interdisciplinary Workshop: “Landscape & Largesse”

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Our interdisciplinary workshop aspires cross-disciplinary interaction with the aim of examining fundamental notions of socio-territorial belonging and inspiring novel forms of its imagination. What emancipatory/ liberating/ democratic potential may be found in the way the concept of landscape is treated? How does the notion of landscape allow us to include perspectives which overcome the monolithic (monocultural, monolingual) national ideal of community, and/or perspectives that include ideas like the common good and natural, non-human environments? How does the notion of landscape help us transform the notion of borders, particularly in the European context? How can we elaborate on the emerging notion of “landscape citizenship”? How does notion of landscape allow us to think new possibilities of (social and political) inclusivity and to think the issue of migration and immigration in more socially salient and relevant terms?


Organized by Dr. Anne-Christine Habbard (Lille University) and Prof. Dr. Britta Schneider (EUV)