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"Ukrainian Migration to Poland: Facts, Figures, Contexts", Research Factory B/ORDERS IN MOTION

08.06.2022 16:15

08.06.2022 17:45

On-site, room GD 102

Prof. Dr. Marcin Dębicki (The Centre for Regional and Borderlands Studies, Wrocław University)


The lecture is going to concentrate on broader contexts of the Ukrainian migration of 2022 to Poland. I would like to tackle six issues: Firstly, to present certain facts and figures as a general background of this migration. The next question would be Poles’ attitudes to Ukrainian refugees in the first weeks of the war: forms of help, major actors, etc. Thirdly, I would like to turn to the historical context of the Polish-Ukrainian coexistence, which might have suggested a different stance of Poles than the one they took challenged by the crisis. Further on, it is important to refer to the relatively numerous Ukrainian labor migrants we have observed in Poland since 2014. Fifthly, it is interesting to set together Poles’ divergent reactions to the refugees from Ukraine and the ones at the Polish-Belarusian border. Finally, I would comment on the Central European face of multiculturalism as one of the crucial factors accounting for this gap.