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Erasmus+ Austauschprogramm mit dem Kosovo

Project lead:

  • Oleksii Isakov, Viadrina Internationale Angelegenheiten (Administrative Koordination)

Funding institution:

European Commission, Erasmus+ KA107 implemented by the National Agency of the German Academic Exchange Service


2020 – 2025

Project description:

The exchange program was accompanied by a joint workshop on „Kosovo’s B/ORDERS and Beyond: Crossing Borders, Challenging Social Orders” May 2-3, 2022 at the Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION, organized by Carolin Leutloff-Grandits (Viadrina University) in cooperation with Nita Luci and Linda Gusia (University of Prishtina).
The keynote lecture on "Assembling Borders in the Supervised European Semiperiphery" was given by Prof. Dr. Stef Jansen (University of Sarajewo / Manchester University).

Within the framework of an Erasmus + exchange program in cooperation with the University of Prishtina (Kosovo), the Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION was able to initiate a thematic focus on borders and boundaries. 
The institutionalized cooperation between European University Viadrina and the University of Prishtina addresses university teachers as well as doctoral candidates and graduate students. For European University Viadrina, the program extends our regional focus on Eastern Europe towards the Southeast. Participating doctoral and graduate students have access to the host institution’s teaching programs and develop their own research projects in close cooperation with an academic mentor. Concomitantly, an exchange program for university staff will create opportunities to mutually give impulses for further border and boundary studies and to advance binational cooperation in teaching and research.

Attribution to the fields of inquiry: