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Workshop "Justifying the European Border Regime and holding it to account: Ideational versus Material Dimensions?"

27.03.2015 10:30

27.03.2015 18:30

Europa-Universität Viadrina

The European border regime is under intense contestation: Long before the tragedy of Lampedusa, scientists, civil society organizations and other relevant actors in the field have been questioning the European Union’s border enforcement policy. Even though some argue that the EU promotes progressively higher standards for the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees, security considerations continue to dominate European and national policymaking processes in the field of migration. The ensuing tensions are apparent in a great number of policy developments, ranging from readmission agreements and mobility partnerships, the establishment of EUROSUR, and the adjustment of the Schengen regime, to current debates on how to deal with “foreign fighters”, how to continue maritime rescue operations in the Mediterranean or how to envisage the long-term evolution of the EU’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. In this context, it hardly needs reminding that border regimes have profound impacts on the lives of affected migrants, and that oversight, accountability practices and justificatory arguments are of vital importance in this field.

The interdisciplinary workshop therefore sought to investigate the role of European as well as national institutions in this issue area. The workshop revolved around the questions whether, how and to what extent recent developments in the area of border management, migration and asylum reflect an increase in the degree of accountability towards European citizens as well as towards migrants – or whether we were faced with a seemingly uncontrollable and ever more complex ‘apparatus’ of control.

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