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Paweł Lewicki: "HIV, citizenship and bordering mechanisms in Berlin", Research Factory B/ORDERS IN MOTION

26.01.2022 16:15

26.01.2022 17:45

Online via Zoom

Dr. Paweł Lewicki (European University Viadrina)


"HIV, citizenship and bordering mechanisms in Berlin"

In this paper, I describe how the enactment and emergence of HIV in one discursive context – a registration office in Berlin – illustrates the complex processes that regulate one’s access to rights and recognition. I show how a series of interrelated diseases (in the particular case from addictions) and the overlapping and intersecting relations they enter with the legal solutions, medical knowledge and social landscape in one particular place in Berlin may accentuate the vulnerability of those whose lives are already at great risk. The case of two migrating, married Polish people being HIV positive and addicted in Berlin shows the way these intersecting diseases, together with other accompanying medical, legal and social issues, may generate practical knowledge and further agency, in a way that contrasts with the image of addicted, HIV positive people as largely vulnerable and victimized by unjust legal and medical systems. Such a perspective on HIV underscores the relationship between bordering mechanisms and EU citizenship. Both the form and meaning of these two are outlined in the tensions and negotiations over access to rights and recognition alongside the practices in which HIV emerges, as well as the ethical questions surrounding the provision of wellbeing and health to EU migrants in the context of a western welfare state model.


Dr. Paweł Lewicki is academic staff member of the Chair of Comparative Cultural and Social Anthropology at the European University Viadrina and an associated member of the Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION.


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