Gastvortrag von Prof. Dr. Christian Weiß (Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg) am 29. November 2018

Do., 29. November 2018
13:00 Uhr, HG 217

Am 29. November wird Prof. Dr. Christian Weiß von der Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg einen Gastvortrag zum Thema "SPC methods for time-dependent processes of counts" halten.


In many fields of application, we are concerned with count processes. Typical examples are counts of defects per produced item in manufacturing industry, counts of new cases of an infection per time unit in health care monitoring, or counts of complaints by customers per time unit in service industry. Often, it is important to detect changes in the process as soon as possible to be able to start preventive actions or to avoid further damages. Methods of statistical process control are a suitable tool for this purpose.

During the last few years, there was increasing interest in SPC methods for time-dependent processes of counts. The talk surveys recent developments in this field. Some feasible models for autocorrelated count processes are briefly discussed, and approaches for corresponding control charts are considered. These cover the basic Shewhart chart as well as advanced control charts like CUSUM and EWMA methods. Also the topic of performance evaluation is briefly considered.