Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION


The promotion of early career scholars is a particular priority for the Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION. The doctoral students and postdocs at the Center are at various stages of their academic careers: Some have a position within one of the research projects at the Center and are working on a thesis. Others receive a scholarship from one of the Center's graduate programs. A third group comprises those who are associated with the Center as they work on a doctorate or Habilitation at the EUV on a subject from the "B/Orders in Motion" area. Yet another group spends time in residence at the Center as part of an international collaboration.

In order to do justice to this heterogeneity, the concept of the center for promoting early career scholars consists of several components:

- Research training groups thematically focused on topics in the "B/Orders in Motion" research areas, currently the research training group "Perceiving Borders in Conversation – Negotiating Borders Discursively" (VIAgg nad odrą) (Director: Dr. Konstanze Jungbluth and Dr. Nicole Richter)

- Scholarships from the Viadrina Center "B/ORDERS IN MOTION" for doctoral students in the thematic area "B/Orders in Motion"

- Further Scholarships and grants of the Viadrina for early career scholars tendered by the Viadrina Center for Graduate Studies (VCGS)

- Further support possibilities for early career scholars, opened in the course of the strategic development of the center, in particular in the context of the seed money funding