Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION

Programme Summer Term 2018

Flyer Summer Term 2018

In the Research Factory, Viadrina research projects in the "B/Orders in Motion" subject area are introduced and discussed with scientific cooperation partners, both those from the university and from external institutions. Representatives of renowned international research centers for border studies present their own institutes and research projects. The Research Factory serves as a discussion forum that links together the individual research projects and initiatives for collaboration in the interdisciplinary area of focus "B/Orders in Motion." Significant impetus for interdisciplinary cooperation is supposed to come from here, as well as for the initiation of transdisciplinary approaches and the development of transversal or theoretical questions. In this way early career scholars are also supposed to be integrated into an overarching structure of exchange.

If you are interested in presenting your project in the Research Factory, please contact Dr. Andrea Meissner (