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Abd Alkader Alhag Fteah, M.Econ.

PhD Candidate PhD student at the Complutense University of Madrid - VIP Fellow from 02/22-03/23
Guest Researcherat the Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION

Research areas

  • Labor market
  • International Migration
  • Integration

My thesis: Integration of migrants and refugees in the labor market comparative study (Spain/ Germany) and their process of integration.

I am planning to carry out narrative interviews with refugees and immigrants who have been living in Germany for at least two years and not more than 10, and who are currently employed or have worked for at least six months, in order to identify the obstacles and challenges that hinder their labor market insertion and their labor market insertion and their performance over time. At the same time, I will identify the different labor market trajectories between both groups.


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With over 9 years in Europe. I have studied through four different countries (Syria, Romania, Spain, Germany). I have previously worked with immigrants, refugees, and minors as an intercultural mediator for more than 4 years In Romania, Spain. In Addition, I participated in various courses related to Migrants, Refugees, Integration, International Migration in different countries (Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy).

Fields of inquiry: