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Former staff

Philipp Steglich, M.A.

Leibniz Association, Berlin Office

Until 2018 Scientific Coordinator of the Digital Platform B/ORDER STUDIES



Natalia Linke

Former Research Assistant (until 2020)


Florian Grundmüller, M.A.

Former research assistant and coordinator of the Center Website Migration (until 2021)

Research interests: Cultural Anthropology, Visual Anthropology



Katharina Link, M.A.

Former Research Assistant (until 2022)

PhD student at the Chair of European Cultural History of the Modern Era (Prof. Dr. Andreas Bähr)

Research interests: Cultural history in the 19th century, museum theories, theories and methods of historical science, historical epistemology, metaphorology



Julia Bantouvaki, B.A.

Former Research Assistant (until 2022)



Klara Böck, B.A.

Former Research Assistant (until 2023)