Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION

Perceiving and negotiating borders in conversations. VIAgg nad odra

  • Prof. Dr. Konstanze Jungbluth,
  • Prof. Dr. Nicole Richter,
  • Prof. Dr. Florian Dost,
  • Maria Klessmann, M.A.
  • Slavena Korsun, M.A.
  • Dominik Gerst, M. A.
  • Prof. Dr. Jacek Sójka, Intercultural Communication in Management
  • Prof. Dr. Lars Kirchhoff und Dr. Anne Kraus, Institut für Konfliktmanagement an der EUV
European University Viadrina
January 2014 - December 2016

Located in the Viadrina Center B/ORDERS IN MOTION, this graduate program brings together three dissertation proposals (on the topics of conversational production of borders in a borderlands discourse of security, the negotiation of ethnic membership in (roma-)mediations, and of ideas management at the border between art and economy).

Along with developing the research projects, the program also focusses on both the empirical and conceptual work of a general theory of borders. A step by step approximation occurs along the guiding "border dimensions" of durability, permeability and liminality. Structuring the juxtaposition and comparison of the proposals, they help to identify links which will set grounds for exchange. These are: 1. The durability of borders as the value of the perception of borders. Durability describes the recognition and acceptance of borders and the claim of a productive difference. 2. The permeability of borders is typified in the figure of the border crosser. This figure is able to cross borders, and in turn to fulfill a translating and mediating role in enabling cross-border exchange. 3. The liminality of borders, which is preconditioned by some kind of outsider. Can borderlands, situational categories of membership or forms of organisation in-between art and economy be described as liminal phenomena that give space to novel forms of practice?

The basis for this joint research is the "Gemeinsame Empirische Datenbasis (GEDgg)" (joint empirical database) which brings together oral and written language data which will be collected in different "border situations" and aims to encourage multidisciplinary perspectives and interpretations.

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