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Online Lecture Series Border Realities 2023/2024

Interdisciplinary Online Lecture Series

Crises, Resistances, Silences – Perspectives from the Border and Borderlanders


The 2023/2024 edition of the online lecture series “Border Realities” explores the concept and phenomenon of crisis from a border studies and borderlanders' perspectives.


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Governments and international politics alike presume that during the past few decades, we have entered a global state of permanent crisis: a situation supposedly determined by troubled international relations, worldwide economic recessions, migration flows, health issues, climate change as well as warfare and other violent conflict. Such claims make for a need for research to engage with the concept and phenomenon of crisis, its political use, and its manifestations, especially from the perspectives of border studies.


The online lecture series will therefore bring together border scholars from geography, political sciences and anthropology to examine how the concept and phenomenon of crisis shape, intersect and complexify a multiplicity of border realities. The speakers will present various situated ways of being in and living-with crisis, offering a deeper understanding of this complex and often ambiguous phenomenon in the context of borders and borderlands. Borders and borderlands will be problematized as contexts, as locations, as systems where a plurality of crises materialize both silently and with force. The crisis of the borders themselves play a vital role in these processes.


By zooming in on crises of borders and in borderlands, the speakers thereby show how border realities can constitute a primary positionality to rethink and problematize the concept and phenomenon of crisis.


The online lecture series 2023/2024 is organised by the UniGR-Center for Border Studies (University of Luxembourg) and the Centre for Border Region Studies (University of Southern Denmark). The series “Border Realities” are open to the public and is aimed at researchers, students, and the interested public.