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Cross-Border Metropolitan Regions I Lille, France I 03-04.02.2022

Cross-border metropolitan regions (Lille, France, 3-4 February 2022)

We are soliciting participation for a two-day workshop on ‘cross-border metropolitan regions’, which will be held at the "Cité scientifique" in Villeneuve-d'Ascq (in the vicinity of Lille) on February 3rd and 4th,2022. The workshop is primarily financed by the (1) I-Site Consortium, which seeks to foster engagement between the universities of Ghent, Kent, Leuven, and Lille, and (2) a research grant facilitating the establishment of the KU Leuven Urban Studies Institute (LUSI) (3) the laboratory TVES in University of Lille.


The event will consist of two different, yet complementary parts: 

- on February 3rd, there will be introductory keynote addresses and a panel debate with key policymakers (broadly defined)

- on February 4th, the focus is on academic presentations dealing with a wide range of relevant topics in the study of cross-border metropolitan regions (CBMRs).

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

·        Urban/regional governance in/of CBMRs

·        The impact of the Brexit on the Kent-Calais-Lille-Tournai-Kortrijk CBMR

·        Labor market integration in CBMRs

·        Transport and mobility in CBMRs

·        …

Although the location and funding of the workshop obviously instills a degree of focus on the so-called Eurometropole CBMR and the Kent-Calais interactions in light of Brexit, the workshop takes a broad perspective and will therefore deal with CBMRs at large. The workshop organizers intend to put together a proposal for a special of Regional Studies based on the workshop.

The first day of the workshop will have simultaneous translation, the second day will be held entirely in English. Confirmed speakers include Evert Meijers (University of Utrecht), Birte Wassenberg (University of Strasbourg), Christophe Sohn (LISER), and Christopher Huggins (University of Suffolk).

Researchers interested in participating in the workshop should send, by November 26th (extended deadline) at the latest, a declaration of interest to Nathan Rizzuto ( Please indicate whether you would like :
(1) to simply attend the workshop (in which case we ask you to include a two-sentence declaration of interest)
(2) to also present your research at the second day of workshop (in which case we ask you to include a title and a 150-word abstract).
Please note that we expect participants to attend the event in its entirety.

Although we are hoping to accommodate everyone interested in participating/presenting, it is possible that for practical reasons we will have to turn down applications (e.g., workshop room capacity and number of presentation slots). If this is the case, participation will be decided based on the background of applicants (e.g., relevance of the workshop and diversity in background). Applicants will be informed about (the nature of their) participation by December 1st.

Participation in the workshop is free, and includes coffee/tea breaks, welcome reception (February 3rd), and lunch (February 4th). A limited number of bursaries covering travel/accommodation are available for applicants who have no research funding to pay for logistical costs associated with their participation. If this is the case, then please indicate this in your application email. "

(Source: University of Lille )